Criminal Defense

All I do is Criminal Defense!  Some lawyers split their practices between several different practice areas but criminal law is 100% of my practice.  I provide comprehensive and zealous representation to people facing a wide range of criminal charges in state, federal, municipal, juvenile, and appellate courts throughout Ohio.


Once you call our office we will set up a complimentary stategy session, either in person or over the phone.  If you decide to hire me, I will aggressively defend your rights and help you every step of the way in securing the best possible outcome.  I feel comfortable giving my cell phone number to my clients so they have direct contact with me throughout the course of their case. I encourage my clients to text, email, and call my cell phone anytime.  Please Contact Us right away to ensure that you do not give up any of your precious legal rights. 


Many potential clients often ask about fees.  It is hard to give an exact amount; all cases are different.  After the complimentary strategy session, I will give you an amount that I will charge to handle your case.  I typically charge flat/fix fees.  This fee includes all costs associated with your case except trial fees.  If we are unable to resolve your case before a trial, there will be separate additional trial fees.  Generally the more serious the charges the more my fee will be.  Again these fees can vary greatly depending on the complexity of the case. 

"Quick responses. Helpful. Was able to answer questions and quick to address issues with the judge."

"Hard working, time considerate, and very educated attorney! Had all my charges dropped down as well as fines and gave me multiple opportunities to reschedule for work and family purposes. Less stress and hassel with this guy!"

"Answered all questions was always available fought hard for my son and I. Highly recommended. Reached out to other lawyer in Cleveland so he would be updated with everything there. No complaints here."

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