Juvenile Arrests and Initial Detention in Ohio

              Once taken into custody, a youth is usually held at a county or multi-county run juvenile detention facility while the initial investigation and booking take place.  In Ohio, juveniles have no right to be released on bail.  When a child has been admitted to a detention facility, a detention hearing shall be held promptly, no later than seventy-two hours after the child is placed in detention or the next court day, whichever is earlier, to determine whether continued detention is required. Reasonable oral or written notice of the time, place, and purpose of the detention hearing shall be given to the child and to the parents, guardian, or other custodian, if that person or those persons can be found.

            The court will look at certain factors and make the determination on whether the youth should be released.  A judge or magistrate will consider the following factors in deciding to release the child:


• He/she needs to be protected from immediate or threatened physical or emotional harm;

• He/she is a danger or threat to other persons and is charged with a violation that would be a crime if committed by an adult;

• He/she is considered a danger or threat to property;

• He/she may leave the jurisdiction of the court; and

• He/she has no parents, guardian, or other person able to provide supervision and return the child to the court when required.


Alternatives to Detention- There may be programs or services that your child can participate in instead of being in the juvenile detention center. Some of these alternatives include:

• Shelter Care

• Home/Community Detention

• Electronic Monitoring

• Day and Evening Reporting Centers


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