Speedy Trial Rights In Ohio

Every person that is charged with a crime has a constitutionally guaranteed right to have a speedy trial.  The time varies depending on the level of the charge:



  • 270 Days


  • First or Second degree Misdemeanor: 90 Days
  • Third or Fourth degree Misdemeanor: 45 days
  • Unclassified Misdemeanor: 45 Days
  • Minor Misdemeanor: 30 Days

If you are in jail while your case is pending then each day in jail counts as 3 days for speedy trial time.  Eg if you are charged with a felony and are in jail unable to post bond, then your case has be tried in 90 days not 270 days.  However, if you are in jail on more than one case than you don’t get this 3 for 1 credit for speedy trial time. 


You can also waive your speedy trial time.  A lot of times it makes sense to waive your speedy trial rights in order to give your attorney more time to work and create a solid defense. 


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