Speeding Ticket Consequences in Ohio

A single speeding violation in a 12-month period is charged as a minor misdemeanor. A fine of up to $150 can be assessed.  No jail time can be given for a minor misdemeanor.  The actual cost of a speeding ticket will vary depending on whether a city or state adds fines for each mile per hour over the limit, whether the alleged offense occurred near a school or in a work zone, and the amount a jurisdiction charges for court and administrative costs.


If you accumulate three or more speeding violations within a year, the speeding ticket enhances to a fourth-degree misdemeanor. These carry up to 30 days in jail and/or a maximum $250 in fines.




  • If the speed limit is 55 mph or more, exceeding the limit by more than 10 mph results in two points.  Less than 10 mph over results in no points. 
  • If the speed limit is less than 55 mph, exceeding the limit by more than 5 mph results in two points. Less than 5 mph over results in no points.
  • Exceeding the speed limit by 30 mph or more results in four points.


Accumulating 12 points within a 24-month period results in an automatic license suspension.  Driving 30 mph could carry a reckless driving charge, which can result in a license suspension as well.

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