Can I Get My Juvenile Record Sealed and Expunged?

One bright spot in the juvenile delinquency system is that most offenses can be sealed and expunged.  The only crimes that cannot be sealed and expunged, if you are convicted, are Murder and Rape


If you were convicted of a crime while you were a juvenile, you have to wait 6 months after all sentencing requirements have been met before you are eligible to have your record sealed and expunged.  For example if you were convicted of a felony offense and were put on probation for six months, the waiting period would not start until your probation was terminated. 


You can also file for an expungement once you turn 18 even if six months have not passed since all sentencing requirements have been met.  However, if you still owe outstanding fines and costs most likely the court will not grant the expungement until they are paid.

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