Can I Reduce My Ohio Prison Sentence?

Yes, one way to reduce your prison sentence is through what’s called earned credit.  Incarcerated individuals can earn days off their sentence if they participate in educational, vocational, substance abuse and other programming. Don’t get this confused with “good time” (you can receive additional time off your sentence for good behavior as well).  An offender can earn one or five days credit toward a prison term for each completed month during which he or she productively participates in an eligible program.


However, the law prohibits inmates convicted of certain offenses from obtaining earned credit. The list is lengthy. You are not eligible for earned credit if you are serving:


  • A prison term for an offense specified under R.C. 2929.13(F) and R.C. 2929.14 (most of these are higher level violent felonies);
  • A mandatory prison term (R.C. 2967.193(C)(1));
  • A life or death sentence for Aggravated Murder, Murder, or related conspiracy, attempt, or complicity (R.C. 2967.193(C)(2));
  • A term of life without parole (R.C. 2967.193 (C)(3));
  • A sentence for a sexually oriented offense;
  • A “Risk Reduction Sentence” under R.C. 2929.143(B).


You can potentially reduce your sentence by up to 8%.  The credit is “provisionally earned,” meaning it can be taken away for rules violations.


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