How is your Insurance affected by being convicted of a DUI/OVI?

If you are convicted of a DUI/OVI, most likely your insurance company will consider you a “high risk” driver, even if you have an excellent driving history.  As a result of being considered a high-risk driver, you premiums will increase.  I have had clients tell me that their rates doubled, and in some instances, even tripled, after a DUI/OVI conviction.  Often, your rates will increase for at least three years.  After a DUI/OVI conviction, call your insurance company and ask how much your rate will increase.  Also, shop around for the best rate. 


In some states, if you are convicted of a DUI/OVI, you may be required to obtain a SR-22.  A SR-22 is a form issued by an insurance company and used to prove your "Financial Responsibility" to the State Bureau of Motor Vehicles (“BMV”).  The SR-22 guarantees to the BMV that an insurance company has issued at least minimum liability coverage for the person making the filing. The filing also requires that the insurance company notify the BMV if the coverage is cancelled for any reason. This is a way for the BMV to keep tabs on whether or not someone has insurance.  In Ohio, you are not required to obtain a SR-22 if you are convicted of a DUI/OVI.  For certain other traffic offenses, you may be required to obtain a SR-22.


Here is a helpful atricle about choosing SR-22 insurance

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