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At the Law Office of Sean A. Boris, I provide comprehensive and zealous representation to people facing a wide range of criminal charges in state and municipal courts throughout Ohio. If you have been arrested, charged with a crime, or believe that you may be under investigation, you need an experienced, aggressive, and trusted Cleveland criminal defense attorney to protect your rights and advocate effectively on your behalf.


Canton Drug Crime Offense
Canton Juvenile Delinquency
Dayton Criminal Attorney
Dayton Estate Planning
Dayton Traffic Violations
Canton Estate Planning
Canton Traffic Offenses
Dayton Criminal Defense Lawyer
Dayton Juvenile Delinquency
Dayton OVI Defense
Akron White Collar Crimes Attorney
Akron Traffic Offenses
Canton White Collar Crime
Canton Criminal Defense
Canton Sex Crimes Defense
Akron Estate Planning
Akron Juvenile Delinquency
Akron OVI Defense
Akron Traffic Attorney
Canton Criminal Defense Lawyer
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Akron Criminal Lawyer
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Ohio White Collar Crime Defense 
Cuyahoga County Criminal Defense
Cuyahoga County Juvenile Delinquency
Cuyahoga County Criminal Law
Cleveland White Collar Crimes Lawyer
Akron Drug Crimes Attorney
Cuyahoga County Defense Attorney
Cuyahoga County Drug Crime Defense
Cuyahoga County Sex Crimes
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Ohio Traffic Violations
Cuyahoga County Criminal Lawyer
Cuyahoga County Traffic Violations
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Cleveland Traffic Violations