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What Crimes Require Sex Offender Registration in Ohio?

Generally, Ohio categorizes offenders into 3 Tiers which include crimes that range in severity.

Tier 1:

  • 2907.04 Unlawful Sexual Conduct; (If offender is less than 4 years older than the other person, and no consent);
  • 2907.05/.06 Gross Sexual Imposition / Sexual Imposition
  • 2907.07 Importuning
  • 2907.08 Voyeurism
  • 2907.22 Promoting Prostitution
  • 2907.32 Pandering
  • 2907.323(A)(3)/(4) Illegal Use of Minor in Nudity-Oriented Material
  • 2903.211(A)(3) Menacing by Stalking
  • 2907.09(B)(4) Public Indecency In Front of Minor

Tier 2:

  • 2907.21 Compelling Prostitution
  • 2907.321 Pandering Involving a Minor
  • 2907.323(A)(1)/(2) Child Pornography (Minor in Nudity-Oriented Performance)
  • 2907.04 Unlawful Sexual Conduct
  • 2907.05(A)(4) Gross Sexual Imposition victim under 13
  • 2905.01/02(B) Kidnapping / Abduction
  • 2905.32 Human Trafficking
  • Any sex crime occurring after an offender has been classified as Tier 1.

Tier 3:

  • 2907.02 Rape
  • 2907.03 Sexual Battery
  • 2907.05(B) Gross Sexual Imposition victim under 12 with, intent to abuse or harm
  • 2903.11 Felonious Assault with Sexual Motivation
  • 2905.01(A)(4) Kidnapping victim under age 18
  • 2903.01/02/03(B) Aggravated Murder, Murder, or Voluntary Manslaughter with Sexual Motivation
  • 2971.03 Sexually Violent Predator classification

Even though Ohio implements a harsh offense-based registry system, there may be options for avoiding or mitigating registration in some cases.  Please call our offices for more information.  

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